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The core feature of the JJ Web Authentication System is that it allows customers to verify product authenticity at the time of purchase, using a printed QR code obtained through sales agents, department stores, or franchise stores.

All the customer has to do is download the JJ Authentication App and scan the QR code with their smart phone, as directed. Seconds later, a certificate of authenticity is available for download verifying the authenticity of the goods. Our system never reveals or requests any personal information of our users. As our company grows, so does our product list, and soon our Authentication List will include luxury priced whiskey, wine and clothing currently being sold in mainstream markets. As our database of products increases, the JJ Authentication App will automatically update to incorporate the newly added products.

  • Information for a finished product is inputted into our database as a "New Product Record."
  • A QR code is added to the product record and an authentication key is assigned.
  • The "Authentication Mark" is printed to the side of the box, ready to be scanned.


  • Inform the customer about the authentication process.
  • Explain to the customer how to download the JJ Authentication App from the App store or the JJ Web Authentication website.


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  • Using your smart phone, scan or take a picture of the QR code (or barcode) on the box. This is to be done in the store, at point of purchase.
  • Press the scan button within JJ Authentication App to start the authentication process on our server.
  • The app automatically connects to
  • When the authentication has successfully been completed, a "Congratulations" message will appear on your screen.
  • Save and print the certificate containing the authentication number and product information. The certificate will be stored in your smart phone’s photo gallery.
  • The certificate will be stored in your smart phone's photo gallery for future use.